Why should I do that?

1. Why  I  treat  everyone  as  same, although  they  are  not  same.
2. Why  I  behave  everyone  as  same, I will  see  the  relations.
3. Why  I  understand  someone’s  feeling, I  don’t  bother.

So, the  thing  is  our  questions  are  not  right, We always  think  of  self  being not  other  people  requirements.
So, the  answers  maybe….

1. I have to  treat  everyone  as  same, as we  are.
2. I have  to  behave  everyone  as  same, there’s  relation  of  humanity  common.
3. I have  to  understand others  feeling  because  I  have  ability  to  do  that  and  can  imagine  myself  in  same  situation.

I  am  trying  to  write, but  not  good, forgive  me.

Let’s make it practical.


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